2011 Beach Pictures

We are back from a week long vacation in Perdido Key Florida. We had a wonderful time and I plan on writing a post all about it but for now my computer is acting CRAZY and laundry is piling up, so I will leave you with just a few of my favorite family pictures. ENJOY!


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Wordless Wednesday: pigtails




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The Week




This week was supposed to be fairly laid back. I planned on visiting my friends on Tuesday morning and that was the only thing I planned to do all week. Well that all changed with each day. Monday Baby A was still recovering from her sinus infection and doing lots better though. We hung around the house and tried to tackle laundry which had piled up so much. Tuesday I was supposed to see my friends and finally meet Jana’s newest little girl. I dropped the boys off at school and before I could even begin my morning walk, I got a phone call from the school saying Rascal had thrown up. So I was back up at the school picking the boys up. I brought Scooter home for help and he was just that… a HUGE help. Wednesday I spent all day recovering from Rascal’s stomach bug (laundry etc…) and praying he made it all day at school without getting sick again. He did and I managed to get all the laundry washed folded and put away. Let me tell you that is a HUGE accomplishment around here. Thursday I planned to spend the day cleaning out my van and cleaning up my house. I managed to get the dog fed and then got a call from the school again but this time it was Scooter and he was having trouble breathing. I headed to get him from school and then headed to the doctor. Turns out…..Scooter has Asthma and was having a hard time getting a full breath. The doctor gave him a breathing treatment and sent us home with an oral steroid, asthma medicine, albuterol inhaler and an antibiotic for the double ear infection we didn’t know he had too. So… if you’re keeping count: all three of my children have been sick this week and we currently have 5 prescriptions to give. Of course they are all to be given at different times, one rx at night, two rxs in the morning, one rx twice a day with food, and the albuterol every 4 hours as needed (and this has been a learning one since you MUST breathe correctly to get the medicine into his lungs). I felt bad that Scooter had been struggling with asthma and I had no idea. The doctor told me that he is one that shows no symptoms and once you hear him wheezing it is serious and he needs his inhaler right away. So we are now learning to live with asthma and I am reading up on all the things to look for. I ask Scooter no less than 1,000 times a day how he is breathing and I am constantly telling him to stop running. Yeah right a boy outside isn’t going to stop running. Yet another thing added to my plate to keep me on my toes.


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Wordless Wednesday:Rascal reads to Baby A

**Disregard all the laundry in the floor, this girl loves to empty a basket of clothes!**


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~ It’s cool today and was cool this past weekend too. I am loving it. It has done a number on my sweet kids health though. Baby A is on antibiotics for a sinus infection, Scooter has his yearly deep (almost asthma-like) cough, and Rascal has a cough due to drainage from extreme amounts of snot in his head. We are praying his doesn’t become a sinus infection.

~ I have been trying to lose weight for a good 2 months now. I have walked every weekday morning, watched what I ate (although it isn’t always the healthiest it is the cheapest and usually small amounts) and have been super patient knowing that it takes time to lose weight. I rarely step on the scale since it tends to disappoint me…..all that hard work for just a few pounds lost, makes me mad! But this weekend I decided it had been long enough….I felt a little better about how some of my clothes fit and honestly I figured waiting to step on the scale for so long might be a fun shocker. Well it was a shocker but it wasn’t fun! FIVE stinking pounds and that is it! I have only lost 5 pounds. See this is why I don’t step on the scale. Now I am mad and not as motivated. So as of right now….I am going to try to find a few minutes of every day to work in some Pilates moves. I did Pilates back before Rascal was born and absolutely loved it. I hope I can make myself try to do it every day and hopefully I will have lost more than 5 pounds by the holidays…only to gain it back, I am sure.

~I have another amazing blog post to write about Scooter but I am waiting to get something from his teacher first. I don’t want to go into it a ton now, but I will say that he can sometimes put me to shame with his testimony and his bravery to share it. Let this be a lesson learned for me to be more outspoken about my faith in God, no matter what.

~Rascal is doing so great with his reading. I know it is because he has Scooter to look up to. The other day while we were having dinner, he look at the box in the center of the table and said “hey guys….that says snack crackers!” I was impressed. His teacher also told me that he has the neatest handwriting for a left-handed kindergartener that she has ever seen. That statement coupled with his win for the best coloring a few weeks ago makes me think he may have a future in some sort of art.

~ Baby A is into EVERYTHING. I know I have said it time and time again but this girl is more of a handful than my boys were. She can tear apart a room in .5 seconds, find things that she doesn’t need in the blink of my eye and she climbs on everything. She figured out how to get on the couch, and onto stools, and she can also climb up onto our wooden bench to stare out the window. It wouldn’t be a big deal except she has no fear and she hasn’t figured out that she can fall off these things if she isn’t careful. She keeps me on my toes. Even still she is the happiest baby. Really she is. Everywhere we go people still mention how she smiles with her whole body and has such joy in her personality. She is my sunshine and we have tons of girly fun together!

~ A few years ago I went through a bible study on the life of Moses. It was one of my favorite bible studies to date. One of the many things that has stuck with me from that study was Exodus 18:17 -22 .  It is when Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro, tells Moses that what he was doing was not good. He would wear out if he continued to do everything alone. He basically told him to delegate some people to help him out and therefore it would be easier on Moses and they would bear the burden together. These verse came to mind a few weeks ago when I was having a major come – apart about my house being a wreck.  Then the other day I saw on Pintrest a great list of chores that are broken down into age appropriate tasks. EXCELLENT! So with those verses in the back of my mind I have decided to “delegate” and enlist my children to help out around the house.  I know tons of families already have chores for their children by the age of 5 or so but I have never made my children lift a finger around the house. Not for any other reason but simply because I was home all the time so I could just do it instead. Well it is now come to the point that I need help so we are introducing chores to my children……that includes Baby A. She is smart enough to open a cabinet and hide her pacifier or juice cup in it so I think she can handle helping me out by throwing away trash, putting clothes in a pile and other simple tasks like these.

~ I am attempting to simplify my life not only by having my children help out around the house but by using the crock-pot! Every day goes the same way….we get home from picking up the boys and Baby A needs a nap, the boys have homework, I need to start on dinner but the kitchen is a wreck so I clean it first and then get around to starting dinner around 4:30 or 5:00. This can cut into our time spent as a family and sometimes makes for a stressful night. So I have found a few recipes that seem simple and are all cooked in the crock-pot. I will share the recipes once we try them.  Hopefully this will make my life a little bit easier in the afternoons and I can focus my attention on homework or dishes  (and maybe sneak some time for Pintrest in too:) )

I plan to share some more pictures (all off my phone) soon.

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Notes by Scooter

On Sunday mornings during church service. Rascal goes to children’s church and Scooter stay with Tim and I. He is older so he gets to sit with us through the sermon. My boys have always been excellent in church and always quiet and very well mannered. Scooter typically opens his bible and tries to follow along as the scripture is read but then he sometimes loses interest and begins to doodle on the bulletin.

A few weeks ago, while sitting in church Scooter did just what he always does. He read along with the scripture and then after a few minutes reached for the bulletin and a pen. I figured he was about to doodle but I was wrong. He sat there and took notes during the entire sermon.

The title of the sermon was….What are you preaching this week?

His notes read :

37 (which I assume is the verse he was reading)

Brother’s what shall we do ?

true repentence

be batised in Jesus Crist

holy spirit changes your life

gospil that is working

promises of God

the promise of is for you and your children

Decay of home

the only hope you have is Jesus Crist

you and i living in Jesus Crist.

Now I must admit I have no idea what the sermon was about because once I noticed what he was doing my attention totally went to him. I didn’t want him to know I was watching over his shoulder so I would sneak glances every now and then. It made so very proud!

Truthfully, I really don’t care if he makes straight A’s, reads the best, or excels in sports.  I do care that he reads the bible and develops an AWESOME love for his Lord and Savior.  That…. I am certain will take him farther in life than what society says kids need to have!

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Wordless Wednesday: CUTE Ponytails


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